Monday, June 9, 2014

NROL-33 Launch on an Atlas V

This is a delayed post since it's June, but I wanted to save my launch photo collage somewhere and summer is a TIME TO CATCH UP for me! Back on May 22, the classified NROL-33 satellite launched aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. 

My FAVORITE shot that I took during the video! NROL-33 lifts into the air!
I watched online, as I do frequently for various launches. I also tweeted the launch and made a collage of launch photos which always goes over well online. From what I understand, the NROL-33 is a satellite launched to join a constellation of spacecraft in GEO orbit to relay for the US Reconnaissance Office - stuff like imaging. SUCH an interesting article HERE at and also some basic info about this launch at its ULA site. Launches have always fascinated me and I get super excited watching them. Once at UNO, I brought a few folks into my office to watch one with me because it was during the school day. The sheer power used to gain lift and then speed is amazing. Then, the booster separation and different propellant to push it further away from Earth's gravity and yet, into orbit, is also mind-blowing for me! 

Collage from iPhone video, a bit poor, but whatever

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