Thursday, June 5, 2014

On the way to Salt Lake City!

I'm on my way to Salt Lake City this morning to attend the national ACDA Leadership conference. I'm thrilled to get to go! As president-elect for the state of Louisiana, there is MUCH I have to learn! This training will address some things I've needed to learn for a while now and be helpful forever! Things like meeting organization, bylaws, procedures, etc. Then, there's all the "choral-ness" and meeting new people which is always awesome! I bought the Gogo airplane internet day pass because I'm actually NOT sleepy today.....yet. :-) I also wanted to try out blogging from my iPhone and it looks like I'll have to add links and tags later as it's not user-friendly ----> if one can even do it from the Blogger app. I'm trying to blog more lately. I love it very much, but during the year it's hard to keep up. I have SO many thoughts to write down though, so expect to see many, and varied, posts! 
Here's my current view: "I've looked at clouds from both sides now..." HA!   
I had some tea which made up for the airport PJs not having coffee this morning. Initial descent into Dallas DFW so gotta go, but more from SLC!

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